3 levels, Set in the heart of the Wollongong CBD.

Wollongongs Bar and Rooftop

Discover Humber Bar

Humber is set in the old Hillman Humber building, today over 80 years old, undertook a multi-million dollar renovation in 2014, transforming it into a unique 3 level property, featuring a rooftop bar, cocktail lounge and ground floor eatery.

Rooftop Cocktail Bar

Explore our Bar

Out in the fresh air, our rooftop bar & terrace in Wollongong is the perfect inner-city escape. Warm lighting helps set the mood among the palms. The rooftop is the spot to enjoy a cocktail under the night sky or watch the sunset. 

Cocktail Lounge Bar

Middle Level Cocktail Bar

The middle level of Humber houses a glamorous and inviting cocktail bar & lounge that will enhance your nightlife in Wollongong. Vibrant colours give the space character, partnered with art deco sophisticated by the way of a huge brass bar and chandelier. It’s the perfect space to get cozy whilst enjoying our seasonal cocktail menu and tapas plates.

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